Payment Advisory Services

Expert Advice on All Payment Issues

Consultants advise on the whole spectrum of payment issues related to the cashier, processing, payments, risk management and financial performance, creating and facilitating the implementation of processing and payment models.

With a choice of all 50 existing payment methods including Credit Card Processing Gateways, Acquirers, E-wallets, EFT, Bank Draft payout options via local banks worldwide, Wire Transfer and Prepaid cards, a payment model can be tailored to meet the specific fiscal requirements of each individual client.

Client Support services include:

  • Advising on potential marketing activities
  • Advising clients on existing & new PMs to target new markets
  • Introduction of payment solution services per country, currency, type etc.
  • Advising on the most effective ways of using any supported payment solution
  • Updating clients regarding new PM services in any active and focused market
  • Linking the clients directly to the marketing dept. of any supported payment solution

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