Fraud Prevention and Risk Management

Custom Services for Online betting operators

The online gaming industry is one of the fastest growing and most profitable industries which generates billions of dollars in revenue from players worldwide. The good news is that experts predict further growth stimulated by the introduction of the new technologies and the opening of the new jurisdictions. As the gaming market grows, so does the number of fraudsters willing to take advantage of the engagement and massive revenue generated by the gaming operators.

Online gaming and sports betting site owners are often accused of cheating their customers out of rewards, not paying out the winnings, fixing the odds against the players and so on. The truth is, casinos powered by high-quality fully licensed software don't need any tricks to do business. Playtech’s partners that own online and live casinos, sports betting and bingo sites keep their customers happy and still manage to generate a decent profit, so there's simply no need for risking their whole business and arranging unfair games.

In reality, online casinos and sports betting sites suffer from fraudsters way more often than industry outsiders can imagine. Game-setting programming scripts, false claims and scamming other users are the types of frauds gaming sites have to deal with the most.

You can rely on our expertise and tools to help you combat the fraudsters and prevent your gaming business from the unnecessary turbulence. Playtech’s affiliates employ cutting edge tracking technology for the swift detection of suspicious activity and the prevention of fraudulent behavior. Our top tier risk management tools monitor deposits & withdrawals, track player activity and provide automated alerts.

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