Lottery is one of the world's most popular forms of gambling. we firmly believe there are significant opportunities for innovation through the delivery of a true Omni-channel experience across all channels and devices.

Player Focus

Our cutting edge lottery technology delivers unrivalled player visibility across online, mobile, and retail channels arming you with the ability to better understand behaviours giving you a sharper focus on your players.

Get to know your players better and give them what they want, how and when they want it.

Main Modules System Components

Deployment of the solution is executed via management consoles which provide central configuration settings. The solution is highly configurable and provides a set of marketing tools built-in that supports multi-channel operations in a consumer environment.

The backend architecture is a service-oriented architecture (SOA); the functionality is provided by stateless application servers, running in parallel, with a transactional database that provides data integrity.

Leading Lottery associations

Playtech is proud to be a member and active supporter of the World Lottery Association and the European Lotteries Association.

The World Lottery Association

The World Lottery Association (WLA) was formed in 1999 by amalgamating several existing state authorised lottery bodies, including ALIE and Intertoto, with their mission being to advance the interests of other such bodies. Their vision encompasses upholding proper values in lottery, and to support the advancement of their members in this environment. Playtech is a Gold Level Contributor to WLA.

The European Lotteries Association

The European Lotteries Association was created in 1983 to bring together those companies representing the national lotteries the world over, operating in government licensed territories. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, the body has been steadily growing, adding sports betting operators to their organisation and establishing an EU Representation office in Brussels. Playtech is a Premium Partner of European Lotteries.

The European Lotteries Association is heavily involved in the social, political and regulatory frameworks surrounding the offering of lottery games and other games of chance to the end users. The organisation exists as a forum for discussion, education and engagement for the collective benefit of all members to ensure continued integrity and development of those lotteries operating in the public domain.

Playtech is a Platinum Partner with the European Lotteries, along with other industry leaders, a key role in ensuring the ongoing work of the organisation to create an open forum for discussion, debate and sharing of ideas within the lottery sector.

The World Lotteries Association membership spans more than 80 countries on 6 continents worldwide. Revenues of members are in the excess of $200 billion, with the majority of net revenue from the partners being contributed to good causes for public benefit in their respective host nations. The WLA members ensure that they observe all current and lawful codes of conduct and regulations pertaining to corporate social responsibility and responsible gaming.

As a Gold Level Contributor to the WLA, Playtech works alongside other corresponding parties to guarantee the constant work of the Association in educating and challenging the member lotteries as the industry continues to expand.


According to La Fleur’s World Lottery Almanac 2016, in 2015 approximately 88% of revenues in Euro-currency lotteries come via anonymous retail transactions, while Playtech systems allow registered play in retail to be as normal as it is in online and mobile channels.  As our Lottery offering is fully part of Playtech ONE, there are huge benefits this brings to both operators and their customers. We offer a consistent and compelling player experience regardless of channel and device, which, in turn, gives operators and their brands the optimal opportunity to engage with those players, to build brand equity and loyalty and to grow revenues and market share while also contributing to good causes. Playtech ONE also allows our customers to deploy multi-vertical systems to further enhance their player’s brand experience.

17+ Years of Player Management

Our lottery offering leverages more than 17 years of player management know-how and cutting-edge, data-driven platform capabilities and software - alongside a huge range of Omni-channel content and services - that will empower a lottery operator to optimise every aspect of its performance.

Solution Architecture

Playtech’s innovative solution design takes into account modern requirements; perfectly suited for the digital age and is an industry leading omni-channel solution. Player experience and enjoyment is key to its success. This is achieved by providing an enjoyable and streamlined experience across multiple products and channels         

The design assumes the system and product will evolve over time, and is therefore regularly updated to support the latest developments in the market. In addition, this is broken down into sections with well-defined user interfaces. The solution is highly configurable and provides a set of marketing tools built-in that supports multi-channel operations in a consumer environment.


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